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Quality of Life in the Carolinas

We are One Team, enjoying the ultimate in work/life balance, loving what we do every day and living our lives to the fullest. Choose to be One with us—Atrium Health.

Our region is a beautiful and rewarding place to live and work.

  • South and North Carolina boast some of friendliest people you’ll meet. Neighborhoods and families here are close knit.
  • The scenery is nothing short of stunning, with sparkling rivers, lakes and streams. Endless pristine beaches. Lush valleys and foothills leading to magnificent mountains. All rolled into one spectacular service territory we call home.
  • There is an impressive selection of beautiful homes in urban, suburban and rural locations. Living costs are low. Schools are progressive. And many prestigious colleges and universities have their roots here.
  • Well-maintained roads, highways and interstates make commuting and travel easy, as do modern intercity bus, rail, air and ferry services.

There are countless things to see and do here as well.

  • Enjoy our many state parks and wildlife preserves where you can camp, go boating, hike and ride horseback.
  • Our region is rich in history, culture and museums, too. The Outer Banks, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and Charleston are among our most popular vacation destinations.
  • And we have bustling cities full of nightlife, fabulous restaurants and great shopping. Plus exciting college sports and professional football and basketball teams. Here, you can do as much as you like. Or sit back, relax and do nothing it all.